Iván Sagástegui Interview


This Tuesday, November 18 (7:30 p.m.) at Club Central Jr. Pizarro 688, the individual painting exhibition «Artificial Paradises» by the artist Casquino, Iván Sagástegui, is inaugurated. The words of presentation will be in charge of the painter Pío Ángel, disciple of the painter Pedro Azabache.

The cultural promoter and organizer of the exhibition, Rubén Alcántara, pointed out that Iván Sagástegui felt, from adolescence, a deep fascination with painting. In his work, he constantly drinks realism, his essential source of pictorial inspiration.

He added that in «Paraísos Artificiales» Sagástegui offers us the works he has created over the last few years, following a thematic line coherent with the previous ones and influenced by Tilsa Tsuchiya.


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